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other episodes:

I directed on several new Mickey Mouse Specials for Disney Plus. It was a collaborative, hands-on experience that involved co-writing episodes and the delineation of storyboards, revisions, editing and designs to various teams.


My Mickey STORYBOARDS are in the next tab.


Below are examples of red/blue draw-over fixes and notes I added to special layout poses drawn by the amazing design team! (Shakeh Haghnazatian, Asia Ellington, Serapio Calm, & Elsa Chang)


Becky Prim

I wrote, voiced, boarded and edited this pilot animatic for an adult show. It's the timeless tale of a teenage cynic trying to reclaim her favorite bench in the hall... by any means necessary.

(see "WRITING" tab for the Becky Prim pitch packet)

Roadkill Redemption

My Student Academy Award Finalist thesis film!

A memento mori involving the ghost of an ill-fated raccoon badgering the person who ran him over with a car. 

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